Coming soon...

The Centre for HIV and Sexual Health, in partnership with HIV services in Sheffield is developing a new, informative and interactive website for people living with HIV in Sheffield.

The site will provide people living with or affected by HIV access to a wide range of information and resources about living with HIV in Sheffield today. Features on the site will include:

  • Interactive on-line community forums
  • Information on a wide range of health and well being topics
  • The latest information on HIV treatments and tips on managing treatments
  • Details of local HIV services and support networks
  • Blogs, videos and resources produced by people living with HIV and HIV services
  • Information for people newly diagnosed with HIV
  • Access to on-line advice and support

We are hoping to launch this site in December 2011, but we can e-mail you when the site goes live. Just click on the Notify Me button below and will send you a message to let you know that the site is up and running.

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